This is an opportunity to read through the prayers offered to God on our behalf by Maurice Sheen at our Sunday morning service.

Maurice’s prayers focussed on the following :

  • Acknowledging God and our response to his call.
  • Prayers for our broken world.
  • The work of our mission partners.
  • For our island, our Diocese and for our new Bishop Johnathan .
  • For those sick in mind, body or spirit and those known to us who are in need of our prayers.
  • For ourselves and the challenges of the Christian life.

Please feel free to use these prayers in their current form, to adapt them as you prefer, or to use them to frame your own prayers.

Follow the Link: Prayers for Trinity 19

Can we pray for you?

Alison is our prayer Co-Ordinator at Christ Church. Alison and the team offer prayer support for anything you would like to pray for in complete confidentiality. You can contact her and the team by e-mail :