Holiday Bible Club

Christ Church members actively support the CTWW Holiday Bible Club which runs a themed week of activities for primary school aged children during the school summer holidays under the direction of the West Wight youth worker Faye Smith. In addition, the Holiday Bible Club hold messy days at Christmas and Easter where children and families can learn more about Jesus whilst having fun with crafts and games. For more information or you would like to volunteer your support for these activities, please contact our Administrator by clicking this link contact form.

Holiday Bible Club 2021

‘The end of July saw the return of our Summer Holiday Bible Club. This was the first year in which the event was held in St Saviour’s Primary School and a big thank you goes to all the staff who were so accomodating and supportive towards us. Children joined us for three mornings packed with activities, games, songs, prayer and craft – all of which explored the stories of young Biblical heroes. We learned from examples of Samuel, David and Josiah, and celebrated that Jesus is the greatest hero of them all. Together, we memorised 1 John 4 :14, and unpacked what it means to say that Jesus is the Saviour of the world. Each day there was a focus on a different part of God’s Superhero Armour (based on Ephesians 6), and songs to go alongside, which involved our Swords of the Spirit, Shield of Faith and Belt of the Truth. We even had a visit from Superman, and Captain Marvel was heavily involved! It was particularly wonderful to be able to sing with the children once more, and to hear them spontaneously singing ‘Our God is a great Big God’  as they went from activity to activity! Another highlight was the way in which our teenage helpers stepped up in the dramas, got alongside the children, encouraged the team in prayer, and took on the leading of activities, growing in confidence themselves. We were able to thank our teenage helpers the following week with a Pizza Hut and Cinema trip, which created a good deal of excitement and fun.

The whole of the Holiday Bible Club team was wonderful, with everyone adding to the welcoming and positive atmosphere that was created by the children. Our heart was for the children to know Jesus loves them, is for them, and wants an relationship with them today – and this will continue to be our prayer long after the Superhero capes have been packed away! ‘