Ministry Team

Revd. Leisa Potter

Team Vicar for Freshwater, Yarmouth and Totland Bay

Revd Leisa Potter

email:  Tel: 01983 753078

Please note that currently as Team Vicar of Freshwater, Yarmouth and Totland, Leisa normally works from Saturday to Thursday inclusive. She is not available on Fridays, except in an emergency. Thank you for your consideration.

Lay Ministry Team

Mr Geoff Kirk

Mr Peter Byatt

Mrs Hazel Britton

Mrs Jane Walton


Lay Ministry Team



Several of our congregation have undertaken Lay Leadership training through the IW Deanery to enable  them to support Leisa and the wider Church community.





Jane and Hazel receive their certificates from Archdeacon Peter.








Permission to Officiate

PTO: Rev. Peter Dyson

Reader: Vacant


Church Wardens

Peter Byatt  – email:

Geoff Kirk –

Christ Church Administrator

Denis Gosden, Church Office, Christ Church, Alum Bay New Road, Totland Bay PO39 0ES
email:     Tel: (m) 07582 861966


Officers of the Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Team Vicar : (Chair) Revd Leisa Potter

Church Wardens: Mr Peter Byatt, Mr Geoff Kirk

Reader: Vacant

PCC Secretary: Mrs Jane Walton

Treasurer: Mrs Lesley Kirk

Diocesan Synod Reps: Mr Maurice Sheen and Mrs Lizzie Hutchinson

Electoral Roll Officer: Mr Robin Gosden

PCC Standing Committee: Revd. Leisa Potter, Mr Peter Byatt, Mr Geoff Kirk, Mrs Lesley Kirk, Mr Robin Gosden, Mrs Lizzie Hutchinson

Christ Church Verger (Weddings and Funerals): Mr Geoff Kirk

Your Current PCC Members

The PCC Members are your voice at the Christ Church PCC Meetings. If you have a concern or wish to comment (good and bad) about how things are done or raise an issue, please speak to one of your PCC members who will try and deal with your concern or comment directly.

Mr Geoff Kirk

Mr Peter Byatt

Mr Richard Britton

Mr Denis Gosden

Mrs Lizzie Hutchinson

Mr Maurice Sheen

Mrs Lesley Kirk

Mrs Jane Walton

Mr Robin Gosden

If you wish to raise an issue or concern at PCC level please write to the PCC Secretary as follows:

By post : The PCC Secretary, Christ Church Totland Bay, Alum Bay New Road,  Totland Bay, Isle of Wight. PO39 0ES



PCC Members and their special responsibilities:

Much of the Parish business is conducted by small sub groups dealing with  Ministry and Mission, Buildings and Churchyard, Admin and Personnel, Finance and Fund raising. These sub groups comprise PCC members and involve other church members where appropriate.

Some of the members of Christ Church PCC

Mr Peter Byatt – Team Leader of the Lay Leadership Team.

Mr Geoff Kirk – Acting chairman of Administration and Personnel Group. Chairman of the Church Re-Ordering Fund-Raising Group, Member of the Lay leadership Team.

Mrs Lesley Kirk – Chair of Finance and Fundraising Group

Mr Richard Britton – Christ Church Music Director

Mr Tom Eggeling – Co-0pted as a member of the Buildings and Churchyard Group. Christ Church Rep for CTWW Youth Project

Mr Robin Gosden – Electoral Roll Officer (; Member of the Buildings and Churchyard Group; Member of the Church Website Team. Cemetery Warden (e-mail:

Mr Denis Gosden – Church Administrator (e-mail: ; Data Compliance Officer; Member of the Admin and Personnel Group; Member of the Church Website Team.

Mrs Margaret Byatt – Member of the Pastoral Care Team; Christ Church Rep. for CTWW; Member of the Admin and Personnel Group.

Mrs Lizzie Hutchinson – Deanery Synod Rep., Member of the Admin and Personnel Group. Member of the Church Re-Ordering Fund-Raising Group.

Mr Maurice Sheen – Deanery Synod Rep. and Member of the Church Re-Ordering Fund-Raising Group.

Mrs Jane Walton – Member of the Lay Leadership Team, Parish Magazine Editor (e-mail:

Non PCC Member with Special Responsibilities

Mr Neil Walker – Christ Church Organist

Mrs Ros Holley – Member of the Ministry and Mission Group, Member of the Lay Leadership Team.

Ms Alison Grieve – Prayer Chain Leader / Coordinator (e-mail:

Ms. Alison Grieve – Safeguarding Officer.

Mrs Lorraine Lord – Junior Church Leader

Mrs Hazel Britton – Information and Communications Officer: Weekly notices, Facebook, Website (e-mail:, Parish Magazine Editor (e-mail:, Member of the Lay Leadership Team, Hon Secretary of Churches Together in West Wight.

Mrs Lorraine Lord – Christ Church Rep. for CTWW.

The PCC normally meets every 4 weeks throughout the year, with a meeting of Parishioners and the Parochial Church Meeting occurring annually.


The Church Patronage Trust

The Church Patronage Trust, established in 1871, exercises sole patronage of 64 parishes and joint patronage of 61 parishes. It is one of the larger evangelical patronage bodies and most of its parishes are located in the Midlands and South of England. The Church Patronage Trust seeks to support the local church and its work is focussed on strengthening the evangelistic and pastoral ministry exercised in the Parish of Christ Church Totland Bay.