This is an opportunity to read through the prayers offered to God on our behalf by Jane Walton at our Sunday Morning Prayer service.

Jane’s prayers focussed on the major areas of concern across the world and locally.

  • Prayers for God’s presence in our worship, our every day lives and our actions.
  • The situation in Afghanistan, for all those whose lives are in danger and for the Christians in that country.
  • Covid – The need for sharing vaccines, generosity of heart and compassion for poorer nations.
  • For action on climate change and the environment.
  • For those who are sick and suffering.
  • For ourselves.

The prayers concluded with thanks to God for his many blessings a plea to never fail in trusting him absolutely.

Please feel free to use these prayers in their current form, to adapt them as you prefer, or to use them to frame your own prayers.

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Can we pray for you?

Alison is our prayer Co-Ordinator at Christ Church. Alison and the team offer prayer support for anything you would like to pray for in complete confidentiality. You can contact her and the team by e-mail :



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