A Reflection for Sunday 9th August based on the Gospel Reading: Matthew 14: 22-33 – Jesus Walks on the Water.

How many times have we heard the message that Jesus is with us in the midst of our troubles. How many times have we nodded our heads and said ‘yes, we know’? But do we?

How many times have we actually witnessed his presence in our own troubles? I bet we can all bring such times to mind – times when we felt completely battered like the disciples on the boat in our Gospel reading, times when we’ve felt as if we’re sinking like Peter, times when we’ve wanted to hide in a cave like Elijah… and then God steps in and reaches out a helping hand – just as Jesus stretched out his hand to Peter. We get to the other side of our problems, look back and feel heartened, blessed, encouraged, safe. But for how long?

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Window in Christ Church depicting the Gospel reading – Walking on the Water