Christ Church, Totland Bay – Open For Prayer, Worship and Community

Christ Church Main Building

All are welcome to join us for Sunday and mid-week worship but the church building is also available during the week for visitors who would like somewhere really peaceful to pray, to sit quietly, or perhaps rest on their journey to Alum Bay.

For more information about the Church Building see  The Story of Christ Church. 

Christ Church Prayer Room

You are welcome to make use of the Christ Church Prayer Room established in the Church’s Upper Room for personal prayer. As you enter the church follow the stairs from the entrance porch to the Upper Room where you can pray in an area of peace and comfort.

At present the room is set out with various aids to prayer on the theme of The Trinity.


Future Plans for Reordering the Church Building 2016 and Beyond


  • A place of Beauty, welcome and worship.
  • Valuing the past, relating to the present and opening to the future.

Primary Objectives

  • Opening the church more fully to those with mobility difficulties by the provision of appropriate handrails, balustrades, slopes, etc.
  • Open the church more fully to worship and community events by replacing the pews with chairs and levelling the floor as necessary.
  • Opening the church annexe more fully to the church family and local community by creating a covered link with the church and by possible extensions.

Church Building : Present


The AgnusDei,, Symbol of Christ Church- West Elevation

The Octagonal Bell Tower, North Elevation. Converted from a vestry in 1936. The bell is in memory of Henry, Mara and Enid Rouse.

The Lych Gate, 1904. In memory of Frederick Wildman Burnett sited at the Churchyard entrance

Christ Church Flower Festival in 2017.

Christ Church, Main Entrance

Entrance Lobby and stairs to Upper Room.

Nave towards the east Window. Consecrated on 14th August 1875.

The Baptistry Font in the entrance lounge area. Donated in 1903 in memory of Jeanie Ring.

The south side aisle and refreshment area. This aisle was built in 1906.

View of the ‘Early English 13th Century Style’ archways and Hopton Wood Stone columns built in 1906 when the side aisle was added.

Matthew and Mark – West windows by Lavers and Westlake, in memory of Edwin Fox.

Luke and John – West Windows by Lavers and Westlake in memory of Edwin Fox.

View of the Nave from the chancel towards the west windows.

View of the chancel designed by Percy G Stone and consecrated on 29th July 1910. This superceeded the original east end of the smaller original church that terminated in an Apse.

The remote console of the greatly extended Norman and Beard organ that was originally installed in 1911.

The now greatly extended pipe and organ loft of the original Norman and Beard organ.

Memorial to Rev Christopher Bowen, Founder and generous benefactor of Christ Church. He gave land for the church, churchyard, vicarage house and Christ Church National School in Weston Road.

The Lord’s Table in the sanctuary below ‘The’Good Shepherd’ East Windows by Jones and Willis. These windows were given in 1910 in memory of Jeannie Ring.

The Lord’s Table in the sanctuary of the chancel.

Sanctuary Furniture in the chancel donated in memory of Alice Oke Bullock









































































Church Building: Future Proposed Reordering.

Proposed changes to the church interior have not been approved and are under consideration by the DAC.

Memorial aspects of the Reordering  proposals

In memory of the late F G Ralph, Vicar of Christ Church, Totland Bay (1960 – 74) and his wife Dorothy.

  • New Stained -glass window in south wall of sanctuary.
  • New cloistered memorial garden, south-east of sanctuary.
  • Previous vicars to be commemorated by photographs and name board in the vestry.



The Garden of Remembrance looking south.

The main churchyard with mature Yew, Conifer and Pines.

The 1906 lych-gate designed by Percy Goddard Stone stands at the entrance to the churchyard and is dedicated to the memory of Frederick Wildman Burnett.

Christ Church, Totland Bay